This shop is a small business run by one person, please only order if you are okay with that fact.

Please read before asking a question. If your answer is not found below you can email me at mahoukarp@gmail.com. Please mind that emails will take some time for me to respond to.


When will my order ship?

Orders will usually ship out within 2 weeks of purchase but may take up to 8 weeks now. This is dependent on the amount of orders I receive so I may take longer depending on the amount. In addition due to covid shipping has been severely delayed. Please mind that all postal offices have different circumstances so transit times will vary especially from country to country.

What to do if plushie is a little wrinkled?

It is normal for plushies to appear a little wrinkled during shipping. They will go away with time but if you want them gone sooner then you can give them some steam. I recommend leaving them in the bathroom while taking a shower or steam them a bit using a hand steamer. Other than that simply petting and hugging will smooth them out in no time.

How do I wash my plush?

For most of the plushies it is recommended that you spot clean them. To do that use a damp wash cloth with mild soap and rub the fabric. If you need to you can hand wash them with cold water. Machine wash is not recommended unless it is very dirty and do be careful of parts that are sewn on as they may come off in the wash. It is best to air dry plushies when washing.

Can I order if I am from EU or UK?

Yes you can however please note that you will be charged fees upon delivery.

How do you grade your pins?

Standard pins are the best of the batch, I refrain from saying perfect because they may contain some very light flaws given the nature of how enamel pins are made.

B grades have slightly more noticeable flaws but generally only seen at certain angles.

Do you ship internationally?

It depends on the country at the moment but I can usually ship to most places. Here is a general idea of places that I can not ship to. If you order please make sure you address is translated to English.


I am an international customer, will I be charged custom fees?

Some countries do charge fees, mind that I am not responsible for any custom fees, you as the buyer are responsible for all fees regarding your country's laws and regulations. I also cannot not lie on custom forms for your behalf.

How will I know when my order has shipped?

If you purchased with an email, you will receive a tracking number once it has been packed.

Do orders come with tracking?

All orders come with tracking.

My item has been damaged during shipping or was defective can I replace it?

Send me a photo of the item to mahoukarp@gmail.com and I'll try to resolve it the best I can.

My package was sent back can you resend it?

Yes, I can however you will have to pay for postage fees again. I will only refund the items.

Do you accept returns?

I do not accept returns.